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These are the Top Marketing #ExplosiveGrowthTips that consistently helped my startup’s apps grow to 1 million users.  Get all 79 #ExplosiveGrowthTips, including detailed case-studies on the tips below, in my book, Explosive Growth:  A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million.

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  1. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: A few fanatical customer advocates are worth more than hundreds or even thousands of casual signups. Fanatical users will supply word-of-mouth growth, while providing the necessary feedback to iterate on the product.Click To Tweet
  2. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: When writing copy, sell the benefit, not the feature. Are you selling the benefit?Click To Tweet
  3. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Many of today’s billion-dollar companies succeeded by growing on top of other platforms. Are you testing integrations with emerging and established platforms?Click To Tweet
  4. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Your growth strategy can’t be an afterthought. A great product with a poor or traditional marketing plan will have poor results. Do you have a growth rocket strategy?Click To Tweet
  5. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Can you describe your product’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in one concise sentence? Is it truly remarkable?Click To Tweet
  6. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Have you asked your users to describe your product in one sentence? Did at least half of the responses refer to the same concept?Click To Tweet
  7. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Ask if users have already recommended your product to a friend. Do you know what percentage of your users have recommended your product to a friend? If they said no, try to find out why. Perhaps you just haven’t made it easy enough for users to share your product—an easy fix.Click To Tweet
  8. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Are you actively measuring your NPS (Net Promoter Score)? Is your NPS above fifty? Don’t waste time and money by trying to market and grow a product that has a poor NPS.Click To Tweet
  9. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Marketing a product with a low NPS is essentially saying to potential customers, “Hey, my product sucks, come check it out.”Click To Tweet
  10. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Don’t spend significant money on marketing until your one-day and thirty-day retention is well above average for your industry.Click To Tweet
  11. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Have you made a list of fun, taboo, or controversial topics in your industry? Do you have a plan to get data to prove or disprove them? Issue a press release highlighting the controversial data and you’ll have an explosive growth story.Click To Tweet
  12. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Have you identified trending news stories that you can inject your company into? Are you actively providing the writers with a new angle or fresh data?Click To Tweet
  13. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Anticipate newsjacking opportunities by identifying upcoming concerts, festivals, sporting events, conferences, annual events, and trade shows. Do you have a list of at least three upcoming opportunities for newsjacking?Click To Tweet
  14. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Have you and all your employees read Contagious, by Jonah Berger? If not, have everyone read it ASAP!Click To Tweet
  15. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Find a fun and positive way to include your targeted blogs or influencers into a data story. They just may connect with you on it!Click To Tweet

Get all 78 #ExplosiveGrowthTips and the stories behind them in Explosive Growth.

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