Management Tips For Startups

These are the Top Management #ExplosiveGrowthTips for Startups that consistently helped my startup’s apps grow to 1 million users.  Get all 78 #ExplosiveGrowthTips, including detailed case-studies on the tips below, in my book, Explosive Growth:  A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million.

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  1. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Your first few hires will set the tone for your culture. Secure elite talent ASAP and hire carefully. Are you confident your last few hires are the right cultural fit?Click To Tweet
  2. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Try to hire employees who will also use your product, because they will have some of the best ideas and will outperform non-user employees. Do at least 20 percent of your employees use the product regularly?Click To Tweet
  3. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Hold a monthly brainstorm session, ideally with a theme such as “new features” or a specific goal and encourage the entire company to participate. When was your last company-wide brainstorm?Click To Tweet
  4. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: If your largest source of revenue stopped paying you or disappeared, could your business survive for at least six months? Come up with a contingency plan now.Click To Tweet
  5. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Don’t hire someone you wouldn’t want to have a beer with after work. Do you want to enjoy a beer with most of your coworkers?Click To Tweet
  6. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: The threshold question when evaluating a current employee is would you hire that person again if you could do it over? If not, let them go. Are you in the process of letting employees go who don’t pass the “re-hire” test?Click To Tweet
  7. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Do you offer fifteen-minute in-office massages to all employees at least monthly? Trust me, do it.Click To Tweet
  8. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Figure out what motivates every employee, and understand that their motivations may be different than yours. Are you asking each interviewee and employee what would make them more excited about coming to work every day?Click To Tweet
  9. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Do your employees have ways to be creative and try their own ideas? Do you have a monthly hackathon?Click To Tweet
  10. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: You can often find success at the intersection of passion and expertise. Are you passionate about the problem your product solves?Click To Tweet
  11. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Have you looked outside your industry for new solutions and approaches to solve the problem in order to create the 10X experience?Click To Tweet
  12. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Are there projects you’re keeping alive by ignoring the sunk-cost principle (or for emotional and non-practical reasons)? If so, shut them down now to free up more valuable time and focus.Click To Tweet
  13. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Perfect is the enemy of shipped. Creating the perfect feature indicates making lots of assumptions without gathering user feedback and data, and will take significantly more time. Are you continuing to work on features that are polished enough to put in front of customers now ?Click To Tweet
  14. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Building product and testing features without robust analytics is like driving blindfolded—it won’t end well. Do you have an effective dashboard with all your key metrics?Click To Tweet
  15. #ExplosiveGrowthTip: Do you have every employee (including management) spend one hour per quarter with customer service, listening to calls and answering customer emails?Click To Tweet

Get all 78 #ExplosiveGrowthTips and the stories behind them in Explosive Growth.

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