Top 10 Entrepreneur Tips

These are the Top 10 #ExplosiveGrowthTips for entrepreneurs that consistently helped my startup’s apps grow to 1 million users.  Get all 79 #ExplosiveGrowthTips, including detailed case-studies on the entrepreneurship tips below, in my book, Explosive Growth:  A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million, which was recently ranked as one of the Best Growth-Hacking Business Books.

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  1. BUILD SOLUTIONS, NOT FEATURES: Focus on building solutions to problems, rather than building new products or features. Customers don't want new products or features, they want solutions to their problems - something that makes their lives better. #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  2. HIRE FOR CULTURE FIT OVER TALENT: Your first few hires will set the tone for your culture. And your culture will have an outsized impact on your success. Do your co-workers have the same values as you? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  3. STRIKE WHEN THE IRON IS HOT: The best time to raise money is when you don’t need to. Is the company financially stable enough where you can walk away from a bad or mediocre term sheet? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  4. BE AT LEAST 10X BETTER: A marginally better product is worthless. It needs to be at least ten times better. Have you quantified how much better your product’s core offering is than the competition? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  5. MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS: Facebook’s motto means that you should take lots of chances & focus on getting quick results instead of building the perfect feature. Failing = Learning. Do you have a plan to validate several quickly? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  6. KNOW YOUR A-HA MOMENT: Your A-ha moment is the instant a user recognizes the massive value your product delivers to the user. Identifying and then optimizing it is vital to your success. What is your product’s A-ha moment? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  7. HAVE A REAL-TIME DASHBOARD: Building products and testing features without robust analytics is like driving blindfolded – it won’t end well. Do you have an effective real-time dashboard with your key metrics? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  8. TEST INTEGRATIONS ON PLATFORMS: Many of today’s billion-dollar companies succeeded by growing on top of other platforms. All you need is one value-enhancing integration, and your product will grow explosively. Are you testing platform integrations? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  9. MAKE SOMETHING REMARKABLE: Being remarkable is not subjective. People are either spreading the word, or your product probably sucks. Don’t waste time and money marketing an ordinary product, you’ll fail. Is your product truly remarkable? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  10. FOCUS ON RETENTION, NOT GROWTH: Growth without retention is worthless. However, retention without growth is a problem any entrepreneur should love to have, because it means users love the product (verified by the Net Promoter Score – NPS). Don’t spend money marketing a shitty product. Do you know your NPS and 30-day retention rates? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  11. HAVE AWESOME MENTORS: You’ll become the average of the people you spend the most time with. A high-quality inner circle is crucial for success. If you became the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, will you be OK with that result? #entrepreneurClick To Tweet
  12. FOCUS ON THE ONE GOAL SOLVES MOST OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Be obsessive about achieving it. #entrepreneurClick To Tweet

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