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Explosive Growth Ranked In ‘The Best Startup Books Of All Time’

Best Startup Books

Explosive Growth Ranked As Best Startup Books Of All Time by Benny Emerling – July 15, 2019

The path of a startup is marked by overcoming constant struggles and learning how to make a name in a certain industry. Reading books that tell the tales of successful entrepreneurs and their companies can help you navigate the twists and turns of starting your own company. These books are anecdotal, advisory, or a combination of both.

Whether you’re currently toying around with a simple idea or in the launching phase of your company, the right startup book helps guides you through making tough decisions. Some of the topics covered include vertical scaling, team management, and finding investors.

For a closer look at what it takes to be a successful founder, we’ve curated our top picks for the best startup books for your reading list.

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Explosive Growth Ranked In Best Growth Hacking Business Books

by Syed Balkhi In – Learn about the potential to be found in ‘grit,’ ‘pre-suasion,’ explosive growth and other strategies these authors describe.

Want to know how to grow your startup to 100 million users? Then this is the book for you. Explosive Growthby Cliff Lerner is a book that gives step-by-step instructions, case studies and proven tactics on how to explode your growth.

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Cliff Lerner Turned His Business Failures into the Entrepreneurship Playbook

It was 2005, and Cliff Lerner had a revolutionary idea:

What if online dating actually worked?

At the time, modern online dating was in its early stages, and was a pretty awful user experience. If you were lucky, you’d exchange a few emails with someone, set up a date, then discover at the last minute that your date had flaked.

For busy professionals like Cliff, the process was a waste of precious time.

In response, Cliff founded SNAP Interactive, which created one of the first apps on Facebook, AreYouInterested. It had all the hallmark features we see on dating apps today—swiping, connecting via mutual friends, and showing mutual interests.

“I knew immediately that we’d created something special. After 40 days, we had a million users. One year later, we had 10 million users. We eventually reached 100 million users and we were the fastest growing dating app in the world.”

Suddenly, Cliff’s small start-up went from eight employees trading at a nickel a share, to 50 employees and being valued at nearly $200 million.

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AMA about “How Does A Startup With Little Funding Grow To 100 MILLION USERS?” Talk with the Founder of the first publicly traded social media company and first online dating app that ultimately grew to 100 million users.

Clifford Lerner:  #AMA – Ask Me Anything

How Does A Startup With Little Funding Grow To 100 MILLION USERS?

Cliff Lerner’s online dating startup, Snap Interactive, was running out of money when he bet the company’s fortunes on a then-unknown platform called Facebook. The app (called AreYouInterested at the time) achieved explosive growth getting, and soon after the stock price skyrocketed 2,000 percent, setting off an extraordinary chain of events filled with sudden success and painful lessons.

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