Explosive Growth Book Podcast With Cliff Lerner

Years before Tinder and Bumble were popular, there was Are You Interested?, the biggest dating app on Facebook and the brainchild of Cliff Lerner (@clifflerner). Cliff was able to grow Are You Interested? to more than 100 million users with very little funding.

Today, Cliff shares the secrets of how he was able to make his app go viral to the point where he was signing up 100,000 new users a day, without spending any money on advertising. As the author of Explosive Growth, Cliff cuts through the hype and gives readers a step-by-step playbook filled with proven strategies for growing startups from zero to explosive growth.

But Cliff’s story isn’t just about success. The most important lessons are often learned during times of struggle and Cliff certainly has his fair share of failures, including the loss of $78 million in one week.

Listen in to Cliff to learn:

How to implement viral growth strategies for any product or service
Why passionate employees are the key to continual innovation
What metrics you should be measuring when trying to scale your startup:

Listen To Author Hour Podcast With Cliff Lerner on Explosive Growth


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