The ultimate playbook for startup entrepreneurs to grow to 1 million users & more.


Imagine what your life would be like if your business suddenly began signing up 100,000 new users daily without spending another penny. That's exactly what happened to Cliff Lerner’s start-up, and he shares all of the lessons he learned in Explosive Growth.


Ensure that your product is unique, exciting, and remarkable. Make your offering so exceptional that nothing compares to it, and customers naturally want to talk about it.


Get your PR machine firing on all cylinders. Make sure that every launch gets the attention it deserves to succeed. Leverage the media to help grow your business.


Your business is sitting on a goldmine. Gain insights into customer behavior that are actionable, predictive of future success, and relevant at any stage of your product life cycle.

"When a billionaire wants to work with you, never say no."

— Explosive Growth Tip #33

"A marginally better product is worthless. It needs to be at least ten times better."

— Explosive Growth Tip #10

"What is the one goal that, if achieved, would solve most other problems?"

— Explosive Growth Tip #50

"Once you’ve figured out how much startup capital you need, double it."

— Explosive Growth Tip #2

"Focus on building solutions to problems, rather than new products or features."

— Explosive Growth Tip #61

Who this book is for

The tactics that helped us accumulate 100 million users are all in the book. But what's more valuable‎ are the lessons learned from hard times, and a real-time window into the decision making as things were exploding. The strategies in Explosive Growth, coupled with a glimpse into the thought processes behind key decisions in our journey, will help the following professionals better execute in their roles:

Growth Hackers

Learn the viral features and strategies we used to acquire 100,000 users per day -- without spending a penny on advertising -- and helped us grow to 100 million users. View my Viral Content Marketing Playbook.

PR Specialists

Get our Top PR Tips, which consistently landed our stories in outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, Business Insider, and more.


Create a thriving culture of passionate employees, and learn how to attract better talent and greater investments for your company. View my 10 Awesome Company Culture Hacks and favorite books for entrepreneurs that helped me grow to 100 million users.


Get better at developing products that grow your customer base rapidly. Learn the metrics that will help your team take the company to the next level. View my Top Explosive Growth Tips For Startups


Get our lessons learned growing to 100 million users, along with a real-time window into the decision making that lead to our startup going public. View my Top 10 Entrepreneur Tips For Explosive Growth.


Get more than 50 ideas on how to reach more customers, acquire them without spending money, and incentivizing them to invite their friends to use your product. View our Viral Content Marketing Playbook.

WATCH: How Our Startup’s Stock Jumped to $78 Million in A Week

Imagine what your life would be like if your business suddenly began signing up an astonishing 100,000 new users daily without spending another penny. What if investors started giving your business the attention it deserved?

What's in this book

Explosive Growth will help any entrepreneur better execute in their own business. The marketing strategies, PR hacks, business lessons, and viral expertise that helped us accumulate 100 million users are all in here. But what's perhaps more valuable‎ are the lessons learned from hard times and a real-time window into the decision making as things were exploding. Explosive Growth is a #1 Amazon Best-Seller Startup Book For Entrepreneurs in 7 categories.

Chapter 1: My Epiphany at Lehman Brothers

Chapter 2: The Early Lessons Learned from

Chapter 3: Does Our Product Suck?

Chapter 4: Bet The Company

Chapter 5: The Growth Rocket (100,000 New Users in One Day!)

Chapter 6: From Revenues of $3 Million to $19 Million in Two Years

Chapter 7: My $78 Million Week

Chapter 8: Successful on the Outside, Scrambling on the Inside

Chapter 9: Solving Problems and Sustaining Growth through Vision, Values, and Data

Chapter 10: Tinder Cracks the Code

Chapter 11: My Innovator's Dilemma

Chapter 12: Making "The Grade"

Chapter 13: My Reboot

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"Powerful lessons for founders and CEOs in growth hacking, marketing, and innovation from one of the smartest founders I know."

Andrew Weinreich Creator of the World's First Online Social Network

Explosive Growth is without question one of the most useful and entertaining business books I have ever read. Cliff gives you a roadmap to massively grow your startup with specific tactical lessons made memorable through engaging stories. This book is a must-read.

DAVID PERRY Digital Sales & Business Development Expert at Google, Adobe, and Amazon

Finally a book that not only gives entrepreneurs a playbook on how to grow your business to millions of users using practical examples and case-studies, but also how to avoid costly mistakes. This book is a must read for any entrepreneur as the lessons taught here will drastically increase your startup’s chances of success.

JUDY KRANDEL Public Company CFO and Former Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

Cliff has lived the rollercoaster of viral apps and startups. His first hand account is both insightful and entertaining at the same time. Amazing read!

BRIAN BALFOUR Founder/CEO at Reforge and Former VP of Growth at Hubspot

A must read for founders and CEOs who want to achieve rapid growth while also building a great product and company.

PAYAL KADAKIA Founder & Executive Chairman of ClassPass

A great story and advice for founders on how to grow their business and user-base.

ALINA LIBOVA General Partner at Initialized Capital

Invaluable lessons on product, marketing, and leadership - all told through entertaining stories.



Cliff Lerner

CLIFF LERNER is an accomplished business leader who gave up a lucrative Wall Street career to launch an online dating start-up. With little funding, Cliff founded Snap Interactive. His startup would go on to create the first successful Facebook dating app, grow revenues 4,412 percent in five years, become the first social media company to go public, and sign up more than 100 million users. Cliff resides in New York City and is always on the lookout for his next entrepreneurial endeavor.